There are many things you can build – a social media presence, a house, a family, a business, an empire… the list goes on, but first: build a wardrobe. We’ve got a blueprint for a look that’s both classic and current. As little as seven pieces can give you infinite options this season – here’s how.

Start with the foundation – two great pairs of sneakers. One pair should be a statement piece (bold blue is a great choice) and the other a little more transitional (khaki green goes with everything). The same clothes with a different pair of sneakers can have a completely different effect.

Jeans are to your wardrobe what windows are to a house – they’re welcome almost everywhere and work in countless shapes and sizes. A well-fitted pair of jeans can be the focal point around which your wardrobe revolves – you can change every other element, but jeans will keep your look classic.

Swop out jeans for chinos if you’re going for something a little more formal and pulled together. It’s small changes like this that can have a big effect. The last two simple classics you can’t do without is a white tee and black parka jacket. Stark colours on opposing ends of the spectrum have a crisp freshness you won’t find elsewhere.

Your seventh and final item is something bold to pull the other six together. In the spirit of the AW18 trends at SA Menswear Week, opt for something relaxed like a great hoodie. The one pictured here has that essential bold element: a loud orange V that widens the shoulders and provides a pop of colour, even when layered under a parka.

Now it’s time to live it all in. Try the combinations pictured here. You can also wear the hoodie with chinos or just a white shirt under the jacket. The possibilities are endless. That’s the power of a strong wardrobe built by you.

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