How to keep your winter look in check.
SpreeMAN winter check shirt

Clockwise from top left: TwoBop, ALC Man, Unknown Union, Unknown Union

The message came through loud and clear at SA Menswear Week: check shirts are not just for lumberjacks. Local designers put an urban streetwear spin on the wardrobe staple. At TwoBop, it crowned a pair of loud orange shorts. At Unknown Union, it paired with a finer check trouser, and ALC Man showed it tucked into wide-cut trousers with a bucket hat and robe-style coat. Point being: the check shirt can adapt to the man you are today and is easily styled to the suit the nuances of your day-to-day activity.

A ‘one size fits all’ mentality can be a very dangerous way of thinking about dressing, but the check shirt is one of the few items that really can go with everything. Think of it as an essential winter layer – compatible with your wardrobe in many ways.


SpreeMAN winter check shirt

Throw it over your summer prints (that floral tee and your camo joggers). The result is added warmth and an extra dimension of print that seems wrong in theory but looks great in practice.


SpreeMAN winter check shirt

Not a print fan? Think about a check shirt as the perfect entry-level piece. Layer it over a simple monotone tee and chinos to give your look some personality. Tuck the shirt in for insulation, and add a jacket if temperatures render it necessary.


SpreeMAN winter check shirt

If your hoodie is boring you, or you’re starting to feel embarrassed to wear it for the fifth day in a row, the check shirt is an ideal solution. Simply layer it over the hoodie. The hood sticking out of shirt situation is very in right now, and the hoodie beneath is completely transformed.

SpreeMAN winter check shirt

It’s also a great way to transform denim – injecting it with a powerful vibrancy that is both classic and modern. It’s a way to offset an informal look with a very subtle sense of formality, creating a perfect balance.

It probably goes without saying at this point: there’s nothing the check shirt can’t do. It’s clearly a winter essential.


Spree MAN Check shirt rail

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