Set aside for ski slopes and soccer moms in the past, the puffer has now skyrocketed into the spotlight and couldn’t be more trendy. This season, the puffer is bigger and better than ever. The question is how to style it without looking like the Oros man, because that is definitely not the look we’re going for.

A puffer is awesomely practical in the warmth department, but you also want to look cool wearing it. We’ve got some tricks up our (puffy) sleeves that are entirely achievable and will keep you looking as stylish as possible in your puffer. These are street style moments, so you know they’ve been tried and tested by street style darlings across the globe.


Belt it

Puffer jacketCombat the puffiness (oversized is a vibe, but you don’t want to drown either) by defining your waist with a belt or moonbag.


Colourblock it

Puffer jacketColourblock with primary pops of colour. The contrast between the two hues really pop (you can even use your hair or makeup!). Another option is to go full monotone head to toe (scroll to the top for receipts) for a striking take on the trend.


Shrug it off

Puffer jacketSimply slip yours slightly off your shoulders for a subtle yet effective I-wear-my-puffer-better-than-you moment.


Go longer length

Puffer jacketHey, the more of the puffer there is, the better. We quite like the idea of practically wearing an actual sleeping bag.


Button it

Puffer jacketMismatch your buttons to show your styling credentials. A simple, unexpected styling trick that takes the look to the next level.


Hood Quilted Puffer Coat Pale Pink | MANGO

Longline Puffer Jacket Blue | edit


Street style images / Getty