What to shop when the new season is on the horizon but you’re still feeling winter’s chill? It’s a frantic time for clothing – that awkward change over from coats to tees and everything that happens in the interim. Go for a great pair of sneakers – one that will work with your look today and in three months when temperatures soar. These ones are perfect.

Artwork by Dalton Smit

The womenswear scuba sneaker is only getting more desirable with time. Chunky, slightly ugly, colourful, strapped in, aqua inspired – it’s all in the mix and it’s all working.


For those who don’t want to stray too far from the classic white sneaker, this is a moment! Fila‘s pale pink subtle platform faux leather sneakers have all the classic appeal, elevated in a way that feels super current.


Update your Converse high tops with Spring’s most optimistic trend – spots! Also, true story, Bonang went straight for these sneakers when she saw them at her Spree shoot. She loves them – keep an eye on her #OOTDs.



A man’s wardrobe thrives on unexpected pieces that are still classic. Converse‘s grey leather one stars are just that. Also, they go with shorts and long pants – perfect.


Athletic is in. The more it looks like something you need for extreme sport (think unusual textures, design details and use of colour) the better.


The coolest of all the sneakers, today and for the foreseeable future, is the this: call it ‘dad,’ ‘ugly,’ or ‘retro.’ Call it what you want – it’s sure to update every look in your wardrobe right now.