Ah December, we miss you already. A carefree time, when the bank accounts were full, but not as full as our stomachs. We are now officially in January, formally known as Janu-worry. Our fingers are practically in casts from hitting our ATM pins, the bank account is as empty as the fridge and leave is as rare as shopping anything that’s not on sale.

This being said, we all still need to look fabulous. Obviously. And needing lots of cash to look your best is nothing but a myth. Yes, it’s true, you CAN look your best, shop the sales and pay your rent. Promise!

-Go for the high-low mix

When Anna Wintour first became editor of US Vogue, she knew that her first cover had to make a statement. Prior to her appointment, Vogue covers were almost always headshots of perfectly groomed models wearing luxury garments. But this, to Anna at least, didn’t truly reflect the spirit of the time, nor how women were dressing. It was iconic Fashion Editor Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele who styled the now famous cover – you know the one, a smiling model wearing THAT Lacroix jacket paired with a pair of blue jeans. The cover was so fresh and unexpected that the printers called the head office when they received it, certain that a mistake had been made. For Carlyne however it was an obvious choice, as this was how girls she saw on the street dressed. One super expensive investment piece, mixed with affordable options. This, dear reader, is also a sure fire way of coming up with a guaranteed to stun outfit. Take your most opulent piece – say that sequined dress that you splurged on for New Years and pair with sneakers and that oversized denim jacket that you got on sale. Perfect?

-Try a trend that doesn’t cost a cent

It’s not often that the fashion world serves us some trends that won’t cost a thing, so when they do, we say jump! Try these on for size for an instant update:

1. Wear just one earring at a time:


And make that a super OTT, sparkly one at that. The coolest girls around Paris have been spotted with just one earring artfully dangling from their lobes, and we can’t get enough. Style with a denim look for perfect contrast, and your hair swept to the side.

2. Wear mismatched shoes:


A time existed, not so long ago, when showing up anywhere with mismatched shoes would be considered a scenario straight from your nightmare. But not in Phoebe Philo’s world, where it was a runway staple for her Celine Spring 2017 show. The only key to pulling off this trend? Make sure that your shoes are similar in silhouette, and wear with your most IDGAF attitude.

-Keep things tonal


Cherry Blossom heaven 🍒🌸

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One of the biggest celebrity trends of 2017 is also the easiest way to make your existing wardrobe pieces look way more expensive. Wear all your whites at once, or don top-to-toe tan pieces to look like a Kardashian out for a paparazzi run (i.e. very, very rich.) Other favourites were all-red, yellows and pink: just head on over to Solange’s IG account for inspo.

-Try the pause rule

This isn’t so much a January rule, as it is a long-term rule to keep in mind when you need to keep your spending in check (Your budget will be forever thankful.) When you see something that you want to buy, walk away. Then, give yourself 24 hours to answer the following questions:

-Are you still thinking about the item?

-Does it go with AT LEAST 80 percent of your existing wardrobe?

-Do you have anything that’s remotely similar?

-Can you afford this without using your credit card?

You need to answer a minimum of 3/4 yes’s before you can even consider purchasing.