It’s always good to have goals – they give you something to aspire to and prevent your life from becoming somewhat aimless. The challenge is, of course, not to stray from your path to goal fulfilment. Have you considered how fashion can help? It’s a way to (sometimes literally) wear your goal on your sleeve and embody said goal. In short: become a better person and look amazing doing it.

I will stand by my principles

The year is still in its infancy and already the story of feminism has developed considerably. (Golden Globes, anyone?) Wearing this tee comes with a certain responsibility: you can’t just be an empty billboard for the cause. Wearing ‘Feminist’ also means asking yourself: what am I doing to support, develop, or reinterpret this term?

I will stand tall

Stand tall and take pride in what you do. Take it to new (literal) heights with a great pair of embroidered powder blue platforms. When temperatures begin to drop, add a pair of socks for added 2018 trend appeal.

I will do it for the frill

Do things for the thrill, but try to be practical about it. For example, fashion’s love affair with frills has moved down from tops to skirts: the effect is the same, but you don’t have to worry about your belle sleeve rearranging the contents of your dinner plate.

I will manage my time

Top tip: set your watch five minutes ahead. You’ll never be late again.

I will not throw shade

Reserve shade for your face, provided by beautifully modern statement eyewear.

I will dress up

Try dressing up more – not just for big events, but also for the mundane day-to-day activity. You might find it puts a welcome spring in your step. An optimistic dress is the easiest way to get in the mood.

I will keep an open mind

It’s corny and logical: an open mind allows for wonderful new experiences. Something as simple as a multi-colour earring can serve as a token of inclusivity and your love for variation.

I will keep things simple

A small bag can sound impossible, but it can be incredibly liberating. The big secret is this: redefine what ‘essential’ means to you, then give your bag a spring clean and downsize.

I will celebrate every moment

Celebrate more – it’s the easiest way to up the level of positivity in your life. A lavish pair of slippers like these is where the party’s at.

I will take time to reflect

Reflecting is good for the soul, but it’s also a huge eyewear trend. The two coexist beautifully.