We’re starting this Style Advice session with a quick disclaimer: do not fear cropped pants. They are your friends. Promise!

Cropped pants have gotten a bad rep in the past. We all remember the unfortunate pedal pusher trend that ruled the early 90s (RIP Ginger Spice, RIP good taste). Then there’s the capri pants, a staple of female politicians and golf-course attendees.

This season, your pants will be cropped, in the most flattering and fashion-forward way possible. Yes, really.

But first, let’s address two things:

      1. If you are tall, please do not worry about looking like you’re walking around with shrunken pants. This season, the cropped trouser has been specifically designed with every body shape in mind; think clever tailoring and high-waisted silhouettes, with emphasis on the fact that the trousers are purposefully cropped.
      2. For shorter ladies: the notion that cropped pants are magically going to make you appear taller is a myth. Stripes won’t make you look fat, you’ll just look like yourself, in stripes. Cropped trousers, this season at least, are an extension of your wardrobe, a stylish alternative to your jeans to break up any notion of uniform dressing.

The great thing about cropped trousers? They warmly invite other cropped shapes to be worn with them. So yes, wear your crop top with your crop trousers for a body-baring look. Style with a blazer to really mean business.

Is the runway more your thing? Go for the fashion-forward approach and play with proportions by styling cropped trousers with longer-length tops.

What makes the cropped trouser new this season? It’s all in the detailing, namely the frill detail. The coolest pants of 2017 all sports frills and flares at the bottom.

Worried about which shoes to style with your crops? Sock boots and sleek sneakers take first prize when it comes to the trend awards, but the true hero here is the pointed pump that’s been taking over IG.

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