When you find something you absolutely love – the perfect style you’ve been searching for your entire life in the perfect fit that’s comfortable and has staying power – it can be really tempting to buy one in every colour.

Even if it’s not the one, just a style that works for you, you might find yourself wanting to buy lots of similar styles. The three dresses below are doing the most, and even though they are similar in cut, each has unique qualities.

But what is the consensus here? Are you over doing it? Is it too much? Or never enough? Is it boring to wear essentially the same thing all the time? A kind of uniform, if you will? Is it better to explore the alternative and extend your wardrobe with a variety of items? Or is it wise to invest in one great style while you still can? After all, you might never find it again. Technically, a green version is completely different from a yellow version, or one in a monochrome. These are three different moments. And the way you choose to accessorise each (belted or unbelted, heels or sneakers, a waist bag or a tote) makes them even more unique.

Ultimately, it’s a personal choice. If something is absolutely perfect and you love it, go ahead and buy two very different colours (bold and printed, or black and white for example). But real talk: don’t go and buy six of the same.