Accessories with a strong presence – a sense of a formality and fun – come to life when the sun sets. Oh yes, they are appropriately extra. These are the pieces that demand the lights be dimmed and the music turned up: your after dark accessories edit.

Photographed by Bert Pauw


What could feel more lavish than pearl-embellished velvet? These are the heels your LBD is dying to meet.


There’s a distinctly honest and unapologetic disposition that comes from wearing feathered heels. No one need question you’re here to have a good time.


This season the glitter heels are two tone – double the fun.



Sequins are the perfect treatment for an evening waist bag – this one changes colour as you move with the light. A spellbinding spectacle.


Aqeelah Harron dubbed this the ultimate Eid bag. That it is, but you can take it anywhere that requires a little formal opulence.


The gold and silver ombre sparkle is a must. To clutch or to sling – that is the question.



Remember Kwena Baloyi’s multi belt moment? It’s a reminder you don’t always have to wear accessories in a literal way. Adorn yourself how you see fit.



This is the type of sparkle that never goes out of style. It can be romantically nostalgic or dramatically modern. The choice is yours.


Yes, your earrings can be as multifaceted as you are. There’s beauty in a bit of drama.


And speaking of classic, timeless beauty. Now you’re the girl with the pearl earrings.


Alice band

Dolce & Gabbana called: they want their gold Alice band back. But you won’t oblige – you’re too busy dancing the night away, crowned in gold leaf.


Runway images from Gucci Resort 2019 photographed by Vittorio Zunino Celotto for Getty