Leave it to Nomalanga to make a dress so much more. It’s all in the camel coat and the electric sock boot, crowned by fantastically big hair. #SpreeStyled

A dress is one of the most flexible pieces in your wardrobe, or it has the potential to be with a wealth of styling possibilities. Florals in winter? Groundbreaking. Well, more so than in spring – florals are now Winter-appropriate. How fun?

The sock boot is the only boot to pay attention to this season, and this electric blue makes it so much better. The ankle length ensures you can wear it season after season. And with trend cycles slowing the hell down, invest now to get maximum mileage out of the piece.


This coat in a neutral tone is the only one you need, although you can never have too many. Just ask Kwena. Or Nicci Groenmeyer.


Just make sure you make your hair your crown and best accessory. A good hair day is the perfect complement to any look.


Go forth and dominate.



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