With a million and one things to achieve in a day, apps act as the extra hands and feet that simplify life and help you get things done. Banking, lunch, booking your next vacay to that spot you’ve always wanted to go to and checking transport schedules are all sorted in a matter of minutes without leaving your house, or better yet your bed. What would the world be without a few good fashion apps that not only allow you to sharpen your fashion IQ, but also let you shop and style your favourite looks off your mobile?

I decided to level up on the fashion tech front and headed to the app store to download and test drive the fashion apps that come highly recommended by some of the world’s coolest fashion fundis.

It opened up a world of seamless shopping, on-demand styling tips, and up-to-the-minute fashion lingo. Tread lightly though – some of these are highly addictive!

Instagram – now shoppable

With over 800 million active users, it’s not only the hottest platform to grow a blog and gain a faithfully engaged following (provided you do the work), it has also become a platform that’s given online shopping new meaning. Now, you can do more than just “like” and hope and pray to find something similar in stores – the feed is officially shoppable. Look out for the mini shopping bag in the left-hand corner. Shopping has never been easier!

(Note: This function works only in the Instagram mobile app.)


Spree – get any look

My phone is glued to my hand (with exception of when I’m asleep) at all times. In the bath, in the car (mostly), you catch my drift… all to ensure my cart, the best fashion news and discount deals are but a few swipes away. I’ll let you in on my favourite thing about the app, no bias here, just the truth. It’s the image search feature that allows you to shop your screenshots or even pics from your very own camera roll. I can’t get enough. Here’s how it works.

Though this isn’t technically an app, it is worth mentioning. Once you’ve found your ideal piece on the image search and bought it, post a photo of yourself wearing it to Insta or Twitter with #SpreeGallery, and it’ll be featured right here.


FAD – the ultimate fashion dictionary

If you’ve ever considered yourself a fashion geek, then this one’s for you. R60 gives you access to a plethora of useful fashion industry terms on your mobile device. You know an app is worth its weight in gold when it’s endorsed by Vogue and Refinery29, so get your smarty pants on with the Ultimate Fashion Dictionary.


Pinterest – never underestimate a great moodboard

If you’re searching for inspiration that goes beyond fashion all the way to DIY home décor, then Pinterest is your friend. You’ll easily get carried away scrolling through #OOTD or #OOTN inspirations from street style to runways.


Gucci – Guccy please!

So little time and so much to do and see and do on the Gucci app. This app offers far more than the expected shopping experience and is a destination for both the avid Gucci shoppers and the aspiring ones. Locating your favourite stores around the globe and receiving front row updates from the latest show is now at your fingertips. Highlights include trying on sunnies as easily as a Snapchat filter and the stickers in the photo booth. It’s an app party that you’ll never wanna leave.