New-season khaki and other natural tones are about standing out.

You know a colour’s worth its weight in gold when it’s dubbed the ‘new black.’ Natural tones are the new neutrals that require close attention: it’s about to go down in khaki this season, and we’re here for every single part of it.

Spree AW18 Natural Tones

Khaki’s history goes together with utility and uniform like pap and vleis, though now its primary purpose is no longer reserved for war uniforms. These tones, together with the practicality of utility wear such as spacious pockets, roomy silhouettes, zips, buttons, and other adjustable features, have evolved over the years to become fashion faves. 

With seasonal changes and busier schedules, a switch to a personalised uniform, much like Kim Kardashian’s (the Yeezy collection that shut down Instagram) may be just what you need to make seamless dressing an attainable daily goal. With a steady collection consisting of perennial coats and jackets, comfortable bottoms and classic blouses, your autumn wardrobe will be the object of all envy.

With inspo ranging from Kim Kardashian’s insta feed to our AW18 pieces, consider your uniform dressing for the upcoming cooler months sorted!

Shop your favourite pieces for a modern and unique spin to uniform dressing.


Spree AW18 Natural Tones