This is how you pull off a tonal look.

Justin February tends to be one step ahead of trends, so he’s a good man to look to when in need of some intelligent style inspo. Right now he’s serving tonal: a cool brown from head to sole. It’s perfectly in tune with the lighter tones trend emerging in menswear right now. And did you see Virgil Abloh’s first collection for Louis Vuitton? It was tonal looks galore. There’s really only one rule with this type of look: since you’re keeping your colour scheme consistent, feel free to change up everything else.

Since colour remains consistent, focus on contrasting styles. A slick striped polo neck plays off a utilitarian jacket in the perfect way.

Of course, tonal doesn’t mean everything needs to be exactly the same colour – but the closer the better. A slight difference in colour (note the subtle difference between trousers and jacket, and then a bolder moment with the jersey) makes the look all the more compelling.

Justin’s Grasshoppers boots are the lest expected, and best, element of the look. You wouldn’t think they’d work, but they do. It’s a testament to what you can get away with when you embrace the tonal life. Clearly Justin and Virgil are on to something.


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