Kwena Baloyi is back with another out-of-this-word Spree look to give you life. If you thought two Thebe looks in one was the most, try three coats on for size.

So here’s how this works. The first coat – bottom layer – is worn as a skirt. Simply wrap it around your waist and do up whichever button lets it sit most comfortably.

Next, layer the other two coats. Keep the wide-cut coat on top for best-possible movement. Cinch it all with a belt, add a great pair of boots, and you’re done.

That’s all there is to it – a showstopper look that’s surprisingly easy to put together and wear. Other benefits include: it’s warm enough even for a European winter, the whole situation is basically Instagram catnip, and if you have a friend in need it’s super easy to offer them something warm to wrap up in. Kwena set the example at the shoot, dancing from her dressing room onto the Spree set above, laughing and asking everyone: “need a coat?”