It’s totally understandable that you might be apprehensive to the idea of bright-on-bright-on-bright dressing. It can so easily become a hot saturated mess, and winter is a time for cooler tones, no? No. Now is the time to take a risk. The payoff, as Chernè Africa proves below, is major.

Chernè’s look is as dynamic as it is vibrant. The metallic jacket contrasts with the feminine pink dress in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. Pleats on the dress’s skirt and appliqué on the jacket incorporate a texture through intelligent design.

Chernè Africa

And then there are the embellished socks – the darkest colour moment in the look with the cutest embellishment. They also serve as a canvas of sorts that really make the saffron heels pop.

Chernè Africa

The key to pulling off a more-is-more look in terms of colour then is to add even more. Cue texture, embellishment and a strong personality. Everything else just seems dull in comparison.


One thing you didn’t know about Chernè