How does a fashion, beauty and travel boss like @fashionbreed‘s Aqeelah Harron approach new-season workwear? We asked her to style up three Spree looks, and the results are (very refreshingly) unapologetically feminine. The key item: a strong dress. The supporting act: large hoop earrings. These are looks designed to breeze through the multifaceted working life of a 2018 boss lady. Scroll for deets.

Photographed by Tatyana Levana

Update florals for spring

Spring florals are a given, Miranda. This Mango dress is clever update on the trend, placing its bloom print on a pinstripe canvas, rendering it smart enough for a midday boardroom moment.


Look ahead

Gen Z yellow isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Linking yolky hues to the generation of the future, the fashion world has rendered them the perfect colour scheme to wear in a corporate creative setting. It’s about being forward thinking, anticipating the big thing and looking amazing while doing it.


Mean (local) business

Regardless of industry, we can all support the South African economy by wearing local design. Chu Suwannapha‘s diamond print tulip dress is a worthy investment if you’d like to see your style stock rise exponentially.

Shot on location at Tiny Empire, Cape Town
Producer: Deryn King
Fashion editor: Daniël Geldenhuys
Hair and makeup: Natasha Papadopoulos