Are you aware there’s a World Cup happening but low-key not sure what sport they’re playing? Are you confused by those weird visuals on Google? Have you smiled and nodded your way into an awkward viewing session with friends that caused you to browse the web and find this article?

It’s okay. This is a safe space. It’s a free country and you don’t have to blame yourself for not being interested in soccer (yes, it’s soccer or football if you prefer – Google confirmed). We’ve got a few ideas on how to pass the time.

1 Take our style master classes

Our favourite influencers are always a rich source of style inspo. Nabilah Kariem is winter ready with a layering master class, while Kenny JMW is serving simple chic for those laidback weekend days.


2 Brush up your runway knowledge

Since trends are slowing down (yay!) it makes total financial sense to be an early trend adopter. You’ll get maximum mileage from your trend-driven purchases. Have a look at the Resort 2019 collections, fresh off the runway.


3 Shop coats

If you feel like your wardrobe needs a jolt of energy, it’s probably because it’s missing an amazing coat. That problem ends right here.


4 Insta stalk the #SpreeStyled team

They’re seven of the most stylish humans in the country. It’s why we love them and it’s why they’re in Spree’s #SpreeStyled winter campaign. We’ve curated their IG feeds and made their key looks stoppable here.


5 Watch this before it goes viral

HAEZER created a beat using only ‘natural’ sounds from the street. You need to see and hear it to believe it here.


6 Make sure you have all 10 winter’s hottest accessories

This is the list. Check it twice.


7 Update your apps

Puffer jacketAnd make sure you’ve got our list of apps no fashion lover should be without.


8 Change your wallpaper

It needs to be cute, calming, and stylish. Scroll through these options from the Fall 2018 runways.


9 Have some deep meaningful thoughts about fashion

The topics at hand:

Can I wear the corset trend if I’m a feminist?

Is ugly fashion actually ugly? 

Can ‘gender neutral’ really be a fleeting trend?