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Who doesn't love a dress? All women know that it's the quickest, easiest way to look the part, whether the dress code is come as you are, black tie or smart-casual. Besides, there are as many types of dresses as there are body shapes and personal styles. Mini dresses, maxi dresses, midis... you get the picture. Slip your new dress, compliments of Spree’s online boutique, on with a pair of sexy sandals or swap them for a pair of power heels to make the right statement. But please don't think all our women’s clothing is of the here today, gone tomorrow variety. We invite you to click straight through to the style you want. (Simply select the colour or label you want to go straight to what you need, whether it’s skinny jeans or a maternity cardi. While you’re browsing the great selection, scroll down to see our fantastic footwear, sporty weekend wear and hard-working activewear as well as elegant evening wear and wedding outfits. We even have swimwear! You’ll find the latest styles, trends, colours and prints in Spree’s online shop as well as South African designer wear and exclusive collaborations. As you can see, we have women’s fashion covered, whether high end or high street. Key pieces and stand-by staples as well as looks that wow and glamorous gowns, take your pick. Think of our women's clothing section as your own personal shopping mall without the legwork. Enjoy!

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