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Shoes, glorious shoes! Women's shoes run the full gamut form practical flats to high-fashion supermodel styles. Step up to Spree's online selection and step up your footwear style with the latest sandals, boots, heels and sneakers for the traditionalists and the trend-obsessed. If it's shoes you want delivered to your doorstep, Spree can help. In the mood for a new pair of strappy sandals or streetwise sneakers? Pretty pumps or wacky wedges? You'll find the shoes to match your mood and that brand new outfit waiting in your wardrobe here, online. As for the shoes you need, take a look at our range of fashionable, functional flats to see you through the day. Consider spunky styles like metallics, flatforms and bright primary colours to take your flats to new heights. Come the colder months, it's time to turn to boots. A great pair comes with kickass style kudos and are sure to give you instant sass. Tuck your leggings or skinny jeans into a pair of knee-highs and life couldn't be any more stylish. Men may roll their eyes at women and their shoe obsession but little do they know the joy a new pair of cute flats or elegant brogues or catwalk-worthy heels can bring. Or how shoes can change a look completely, make you look taller and skinnier, help you to stand up straighter and take the world in your fashionable stride. To be honest, it's not unknown for women to start with the shoes for the day and then plan their outfits around them. Should you find yourself without anything worthy of wearing with your new pair of shoes, take a look at Spree's clothing section while you're here. Perhaps a gorgeous dress or a very affordable, very chic pair of pants? Your can thank us later.

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