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Swathes of fabric that make you look like a tent, is so last generation. With the abundance of soft stretch fabrics out there and less prescriptive dress codes, there is no reason to wear maternity wear that simply shout 'baby bump ahead!’ Not that you shouldn't be proud of your baby but maternity clothing that are comfortable will make your nine months infinitely happier and relaxed – and if you're happy and relaxed, your baby will be too. Remember to start with the basics. A good pair of pants with an elasticated waist – joggers, leggings or jeans (yes, maternity jeans!) – and a few longer-length T-shirts, soft jersey knits or wrap tops that will grow with your plus one, are all that's needed to get your new-mom-to-be wardrobe sorted. Come your third trimester, loose-fitting or A-line dresses may be more comfortable. No pinching and chafing, just oodles of maternity style. If dressing your new body shape doesn't come naturally, it's always a good idea to stay with your non-pregnant style. If you live in coats and blazers, then go ahead – both will flatter your shape. Do you enjoy low necklines? By all means show yours in an empire-line dress or blouse that drapes over your bump. Mad for minis? Just add leggings. Like all women's fashion, it's a matter of playing with proportions. Emphasise your good bits, distract and detract and enjoy the one time in your life when comfort comes before all-else. On that note, adjustable wrap dresses, belted jackets, sport lux drawstring pants and oversized T-shirts will do post-partum duty too and could very well become permanent fixtures in your wardrobe. (No-one wants to splurge on maternity clothing only to pack it away it after nine months.) And on days when you really, really, really need something to brighten your day, Spree can help with a fantastic pair of earrings, stunning scarf or a great handbag: scarves and earrings always fit and you'll need a roomy new handbag to carry all baby's essentials. Best of all? You can order it all here without having to negotiate a fitting room. Shopping for maternity wear? At Spree, it's more like expanding your wardrobe.

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