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With regard to how many accessories a woman should wear, the answer would depend on whether you are a Coco Chanel or an Iris Apfel fan. Mme Chanel famously said, 'Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.’ Mrs Apfel, on the other hand, probably says something like 'Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and pile on another six tonnes.’ The moral of the story is that both are fashion icons and you can wear as many or as few accessories as you please. The one accessory all women wear almost all of the time is a handbag. Like shoes, handbags have become such an essential fashion item that we don't even see them as an accessory any more. Yet just imagine what a canary yellow bag can do for head-to-toe black. Or a black shoulder bag with elegant gold hardware for jeans and a white shirt. Accessories are what makes dressing fun. Putting on the right earrings to take a practical outfit to pretty amazing, or the hat that turns your holiday dress from last summer into a new-season sensation. Spree has you covered – literally – when it comes to accessories. Think the old-school elegance of a beautiful wristwatch (you can't shake your new boss's hand while holding your phone; it's simply not done), sunglasses to throw shade on all the competition, hairbands and hairclips, scarves for summer and winter, necklaces, chokers and pendants – all the jewellery from earrings to toe rings. It's like having your own personal accessories shop at your fingertips. Belts? Yes, we have them too. And purses, clutch bags, backpacks. Plus, beanies and peak caps. Here's where you'll find the perfect finishing touches to your new outfit or to liven up a favourite from last year. Discreet and delicate or loud and proud, Spree has the accessories for you.

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