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Men’s activewear is so much more than just workout wear. It’s the section of your wardrobe that covers you for your morning run as well as for running errands. So, you should find clothes and shoes that you want to wear both in and out of the gym. So, what are your gym bag essentials? Choose tanks and vests in breathable fabric that will absorb the sweat. Look out for performance wear that offers quick dry technology and compression vests that support your body while you train. Keep your cotton T-shirt for after your workout as the breathable fabric is perfect as your body starts to cool. Leggings or shorts are ideal bottoms for working out. If you’re not yet comfortable in a pair of leggings then layer a pair of shorts over. The purpose of wearing layers is so that you can keep warm and drop layers as you heat up. Keeping your body at a comfortable temperature will enable you to perform for longer. Look for a pair of trainers that will support your feet while you’re on the treadmill. Remember that if you’re hard on your feet and do a fair amount of cardio you should replace your gym shoes every 6-12 months. Ideally, your workout shoes should also be a size bigger so that your toes don’t take too much impact while you run. A hoodie is essential post workout during the cooler months as you don’t want your body to cool down too much or too quickly. When it comes to choosing your clothes, remember that your size may differ from your regular wardrobe. And remember to find styles that you like because if you look and feel good you’ll have a better workout.

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