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When it comes to men’s accessories more is definitely a good idea – this way you’ll have options to complete your look at create a perfectly put-together look, whatever the occasion. These details will complete your look so if you tend to dress for the dapper side then stock up on cuff links, ties and pocket squares. Do you like to experiment with your look mixing and matching bold prints with cropped trousers and brogues? Then add bespoke details to your outfit such as coordinated lapel pins and pocket squares, or a brightly coloured bow tie. Why go drab when you can have fun with patterned socks. It’ll definitely give the right impression if a pair of tongue-in-cheek socks peek out of your formal trousers. But don’t stop with bright socks, get a pair of fun (and bold) underwear. Choose sleeping boxers or a few fun pairs for during the week because white is so boring! If you’re more sporty than dapper, look for accessories that suit your style and your lifestyle. We have a wide range of baseball caps, snapbacks and bucket hats. Perfect for the weekends and if the weather is cool then choose a beanie for extra warmth. You can also find a sporty backpack or sling bag, which can be practical for carrying your laptop or tablet during the week. And, don’t forget a pair (or two) sunglasses. Even if you are a minimalist and tend to move away from accessories, you’ll need a pair of shades. Go for classic wayfarers or aviators and you won’t need much else. If you need a pair for your weekend run then go for a sportier style that can handle the bounce of exercising. From practical to fun, you’ll find the accessories you need and want at Spree.
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