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Few things signify cool like a pair of Ray-Bans. The brand’s pop culture heritage and unflagging craftsmanship make it both covetable as well as practical. Ray-Bans, deliver the perfect mix of form and function with more than a hefty dose of fashion thrown in too. Ray-Ban's fate was sealed (in a good way) with the launch of their Aviators in the ’30s. The lightweight frames and protective lenses were specifically designed for airforce pilots who had to contend with glare during missions. America's obsession with flying was at a peak – Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic in 1927 and Emelia Earheart followed suit in 1932 – and pilots were the celebrities of the day. Owning a pair of Aviators became the dream of everyone who wanted to look like their hero. Ray-Ban's superb styling and scientific innovation further sealed the deal when they released The Wayfarer. Only the biggest stars wore Ray-Ban, James Dean wore Wayfarers in Rebel Without a Cause and Audrey Hepburn looked her gamine best when she sported a pair in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Peter Fonda gave Ray-Bans bad-boy cred in Easy Rider as did Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry. Bob Dylan hardly ever appeared without his Wayfarer, which added to the brand's non-conformist status. The list goes on. The legendary The Blues Brothers wore them on stage, Tom Cruise sported Ray-Bans in two genre-defining movies, Risky Business and Top Gun; and Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones battled aliens in Wayfarers in Men in Black. In real life, too, Ray-Ban is the sunglasses of choice for pretty much everyone from weekend beachgoers to paparazzi-dodging celebrities. Click through Spree's range of Ray-Ban's for your next pair – if you don't, someone else is sure to grab them.
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