Polo is a menswear brand that was created in Cape Town during the 70s and is now one of the last remaining South African clothing brands that produces quality menswear. Their main focus then, as it is now, was men's shirts and Polo shirts with the trademark square button which soon became synonymous with quality. Their suits are made from imported fabrics by craftsmen tailors in suiting factory that were originally established in 1909. As such, Polo has stood for quality wardrobe classics for over 40 years and has grown into a local lifestyle brand. Today, you will also find Polo chinos, jeans and monogrammed T-shirts. But the backbone of the Polo brand remains the polo shirt, which looks similar to a golf shirt but without the colourful stripes. The one-colour design with the button-up neck, collar and ribbed sleeves has remained unchanged since the late 19th century. After becoming part of young men's college 'uniforms’, polo shirts and preppy style to this day are inseparable. (Style tips: Don't pop the collar. Make sure the fit is right – not too tight and not baggy – if you can fit two fingers between your arm and the sleeve, the fit is right.) Polo accessories extend to quality leather belts and a comprehensive range of men's and women's shoes for every occasion. Much like their clothing, a pair of Polo shoes speak of quality, whether it's a pair of lace-up sneakers, espadrille wedges or strappy sandals. Polo is about a certain lifestyle and makes clothing that is a representation of that lifestyle.
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