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Only & Sons

Only & Sons
Only & Sons is a young menswear brand that has its feet firmly in the world of denim yet does casual attire just as well. It speaks to men who like to dress well and wear quality clothing even when they’re off duty, without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. Only & Sons’ T-shirts are always on trend in the latest fashion colours and carry either the latest eye-catching slogans and graphics or discreet detailing for a less in-your-face look. It is spot-on for a young man going about his business in the city, and looking the part. The brand is a master at providing menswear that allow men to express their individual style while giving a nod to the latest trends. This blend of creativity and practicality is a fine balancing act and reflects our daily drive to express ourselves while making a living. Fortunately Only & Sons takes the hassle out of the hustle by making it easy to put a look together. Think all your favourite jeans styles with a fantastic range of T-shirts, hoodies, shirts and blazers to complete the look. What more could a man ask for? Sunglasses and baseball caps you say? Look no further. This is what Only & Sons is about – authentic fashion that men actually enjoy wearing, that fits well and is well- made. Because this is the common thread that runs through every Only & Sons collection, you can happily and safely combine the various elements any which way you choose. And now that Only & Sons great menswear is available online from Spree, shopping for clothes will undoubtedly be less challenging. At this point, your biggest problem will be deciding which pair of Only & Sons denim jeans or T-shirt you want the most…
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