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You don't need us to tell you that Nike is by far the biggest name in sportswear and sport shoes in the world. But in 1972 students asked 'Who's Mike?’ when they saw the first Nike running shoes and T-shirts at a college race. As Nike founder Phil Knight told Harvard Business Review, 'In the early days, anybody with a glue pot and a pair of scissors could get into the shoe business, so the way to stay ahead was through product innovation. We happened to be great at it.’ Perhaps because Nike was founded by a runner and an athletic trainer, fitness has always been at the core of the brand. While it may not have started the fitness revolution in the ’80s, Nike certainly was right there. Two Michaels have helped turn Nike's swoosh into one of the most recognisable logos around the world. First, in 1984, a rookie basketball player called Michael Jordan began playing in a pair of Nike Air Jordan. By the end of the season, every kid wanted to be 'like Mike’. Twelve years later, track star Michael Johnson crouched in the starting blocks at the Atlanta Olympic games. Wearing a pair of Nike gold spikes, he won the 200m and 400m gold that year. Nike has since introduced sportswear – track tops, T-shirts, vests – and even children’s clothing. Nike can kit you out from head to toe in high-performance clothing and socks, and give you a bag to pack it all in, but it will always be known first and foremost for its training shoes. No matter what your goals are, Nike knows that training and running no longer is a pastime or a niche activity, it's a way of life. Browse their latest sneakers and training gear in Spree's online store today and get with the Nike programme. As Nike says, if you have a body, you are an athlete.
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