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Thank your lucky stars that this great sportswear label changed its name to Kappa in 1967. Otherwise we'd all be asking for Maglificio Calzificio Torinese. While we love Kappa for its heritage and retro credentials (not to mention the highly recognisable logo), the company has established its sportswear credentials on the football pitch: in 1989 AC Milan won the Champions League in Kappa and in 1999 Kappa introduced skin-tight, stretchy shirts for its teams in the Italian Football Federation, allowing players to move more freely and fans to appreciate their impeccable pecs and abs. In addition to AC Milan, Kappa kitted out many big-name teams: Barcelona, Roma and Manchester City. Enter a new generation of urban tribes with a new appreciation for iconic labels and retro styling, taking Kappa off the pitch and onto the streets. Long before the birth of athleisure, Indie stars like Blur’s Damon Albam rocked Kappa in the ’90s. During the heyday of Britpop, Kappa tracksuits were everything, and with the arrival of the new millennium, Kappa's Omni logo became a sought-after tag among influencers and tastemakers. Part of Kappa's enduring popularity lies in the fact that it has stuck to its roots with its simple, tailored style, reinterpreting it in new ways so that it now has one foot in sport and one in fashion. As Faith Connextion, a recent Kappa collaborator, says, 'Kappa is defined by non-conformity. Their DNA extends beyond the athlete, as the passion of sport is ignited by the collective – of the teams, the fans, the community – and it is certainly this idea of collective/community that is the link between [us].’ So, without further ado, Spree introduces Kappa’s retro track pants, track tops, T-shirts, sneakers, sliders and slops. We’re sure you'll agree – for a hundred-plus-year-old label, Kappa is rocking it!
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