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In the ’80s and ’90s, Guess girls ruled the world from the pages of our favourite magazines starting with Vogue and ending with indie reads like Interview. They were on the brink of conquering the world – a young model called Claudia Schiffer in 1989 and an almost unknown Naomi Campbell in 1991, an unbelievably waif-like Adriana Lima in 2000 – and as the Guess name exploded, so did their superstardom. Today, Guess is one of most widely recognised names in denim and casualwear and continues to stand for cool fashion which includes activewear that has the same appeal as their iconic jeans – trendsetting, glamorous and playful. Guess is the original line established by the Marciano brothers after moving to California. (Here's a little trivia: The Moroccan-born and Italian-raised brothers chose the name because 'guess' was easy to pronounce for them.) They opened the first Guess store in Beverly Hills in 1981 and stocked it with tight-fitting stonewashed jeans with ankle zips. These jeans incredibly innovative for the time and when Georges Marcianao managed to convince Bloomingdales to stock 30 pairs of their jeans with the recognisable red triangle on the back, they sold out within three hours. The rest, as they say, is fashion history. Now, as decades ago, Guess for men and women is about confidence and power. The label's all-American appeal has been infused with international flair and European cut and fit. The clothes now ranges from hip hop chic to downtown sophistication, all still sporting the triangular Guess logo and living up to the brand's original goal to create a wardrobe of luxury basics for strong, sophisticated men and women.
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