Fossil Watches
Fossil has captured everyone's attention right from the start with their covetable watches. They did – and still do – Vintage Americana better than anyone else and deliver watches that do much more than tell the time. Although the brand has grown into a global trendsetter, it remains true to its roots and this commitment to all things classic, and all things vintage, shines through in every Fossil watch. At the same time, a Fossil watch makes a fashion statement, is fun and offers quality and value in a world where elegant watches have become luxury items with luxury price tags. From the original rugged styles to contemporary sleek smartwatches, Fossil always puts fashion first. Their designers create timepieces for men and women who want timeless style as well as modern functionality. Be it a chronograph-style watch with a leather strap that channels adventurers of old or a minimalist analogue face with classic Roman numerals and a sleek strap, Fossil has them all. Choose from colourful dials, shiny metals and a variety of long-lasting straps to find the one watch that fits your lifestyle – for now. Because, like you, Fossil watches adapt to the times and always are a step ahead of what's next. Their Texas born-and-bred aesthetic and the retro tins they come in, bring back a feeling of old-world luxury combined with individuality and originality. They are durable and crafted to withstand the rigours of daily life as well as keep up with you on weekends. The same goes for their handsome range of messenger bags and wallets that exude the same attention to detail and instinctive appeal. If you ask us, it's definitely time to check out Fossil's latest range at Spree. (And, yes, Fossil watches do keep time too.)
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