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Picture it. The year is 1976 and Rocky Balboa is running up the stairs and does a little victory dance when he reaches the top in his pair of Converse Chucks. In a press photo for 1955’s Rebel Without a Cause, James Dean is sitting with his feet on a table, displaying his Jack Purcell Converse kicks. Nineties grunge superstar Kurt Cobain was photographed backstage, sitting cross-legged next to amps and other heavy-duty equipment. Also in the pic, is his pair of All Stars. A decade earlier, punk rockers Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten as well as the Ramones roamed the streets of London in Converse. In 1989 the Rolling Stones named Converse the official shoe of their Steel Wheels tour. Hunter S. Thompson, known as the father of gonzo journalism, wore Converse. So did Dennis The Menace. So, Converse is not wrong when they say: 'Our clothes and sneakers get worn by rebels, rockers, rappers, artists, dreamers, thinkers and originals.’ The first Converse sneakers were made over a century ago which adds to their modern day appeal based on their nostalgic value as well as their retro cool looks. Converse apparel is no new kid on the block and found traction circa the ’40s with servicemen. Converse's transformation from athletic wear to alternative fashion was complete in the ’50s when young people adopted the classic black and white high tops introduced in 1949 as part of their uniform. Although new colours and collabs are frequently added to the line-up, the All Star shoe design has hardly changed since 1917. And why should it? Converse can be worn with anything, smart or casual (or punk gear or the grungiest of grunge). Did you know that a pair of Converse sneakers is sold every 43 seconds? We suggest making the most of the next 43 seconds and ordering your Converse sneakers from Spree while you're here.
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