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Ever wondered where the name Asics comes from? It stands for 'Anima Sana In Corpore Sano', Latin for 'a sound mind in a sound body’, which also explains the Asics slogan: sound mind, sound body. Boring? Not really. Asics, like all our favourite sneaker and sportswear labels, has a good story to tell. It all began with one man's desire to lift the morale of children in Japan after the Second World War – through exercise. After leaving his job, Kihachiro Ontisuka established his company with four employees and a plan to produce good sports shoes in his lounge. Asics is today one of the forerunners in high-performance sports shoes and activewear as well as streetstyle sneakers in the form of Asics Tiger. Through a combination of classic lines and Japanese heritage and craftsmanship, Asics is geared to provide shoes and activewear for today's fast-paced life. This attention to detail applies to everything that carries the Asics name, down to their socks such as the Lyte that weighs next to nothing, releases sweat fast and has flat toe seams to prevent blisters. It's no wonder that Asics footwear and activewear are known as top-performance gear. For those of us who are not in training to set a new world record, Asics has a range of trendy lifestyle sneakers that will nevertheless help you to deliver your personal best. They have the same fit, cushioning, support and grip as the pro shoes, and are identified by the tiger-like stripes on the sides, a reminder of the company's first ever shoe, the Ontisuka Tiger. Whether you're standing at the starting line for the Two Oceans or getting ready to step out the front door and run the world, staying the distance is all about how much your foot feels the ground underneath and with Asics (ordered online from Spree!) you will be able to take whatever life throws at you in your stride.
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