South African schoolchildren have been growing up with the name Bata for decades. But you'd be wrong to assume that Bata school shoes are all this global brand makes. Bata has been innovating and improving production methods and footwear design for over a century to be able to produce top quality men’s, women’s and children’s shoes at unbeatable prices. On top of that, Bata footwear is been fashionable and stylish. You could say that Bata was ahead of the sneaker culture with their iconic white canvas tennis shoes. (Hands up if you can remember scrubbing yours clean with soap and water before waiting for it to dry so that you can whiten them again with Nugget whitener! Those were the days...) For three decades kids not only did all kinds of sport in their Batas, they pretty much lived in their white Bata sneakers, which is still one of the best-selling shoes of all time. In the ’70s one Magic Johnson began his basketball career at Michigan State University in a pair of Bata shoes. Today, Bata is known for making shoes that tick all the boxes when it comes to style and lifestyle. Millions of women put on a pair of Bata shoes each morning. Pumps, wedges, boots, court shoes, strappy sandals – if it's in fashion, you will find it at Bata. The men's range is equally durable, and come in a range of options to wear with a suit, jeans, shorts, cargo pants, even a tux. If you need to step it up, Bata has the shoe for you and with Spree, the latest Bata footwear is just a click away!
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