Sergeant Pepper
Gents, there's a new fashion drill in town – made by two South African guys for South African guys. While Sergeant Pepper is every inch a homegrown brand, it is pitched at an international level and Sergeant Pepper Clothing Company's T-shirts, shirts and jeans have that big city, big life vibe we love. Sergeant Pepper allows you to create a complete wardrobe of looks using basic pieces such as a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a shirt. Simple. Sophisticated. Sharp. They work with muted urban colours such as olive green, khaki, blues, whites and greys that have a lived-in look. Quality styling and top-notch fabrics give these understated basics standout style. Sergeant Pepper speaks to men of all ages who appreciates artisanal clothes that are well-made with the aim of standing out from the crowd without trying too hard. All their jackets and jeans are similarly rugged and understated, relying on quality to make an impression. Details such as leather trim, buttons and patterned linings attest to this. As a brand, Sergeant Pepper believes that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. In the words of the design duo behind the Sergeant Pepper name, Zak Venter and Jonathan Tricker, 'Minimalism isn't a lack of something but rather the perfect amount of something!’ Their unique brand of vintage good looks, trendy updates and longevity, therefore speaks to discerning dressers who like to keep things simple but remain significant. Sergeant Pepper has therefore pared down everyday menswear to its basic DNA and restored it to its functional, stylish best. If you haven't yet discovered this great local label, order your first piece of Sergeant Pepper clothing from Spree.
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